Dawat-ul-Quran is a community of people who have deliberately rejected believes and religious rituals of born or descendant community which carrying gross form of Shirk. We surrendered before Oneship of ALLAH and Prophet Hood of Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (S.A.W).We believe in practicing Islam as per Sunnah of Last Prophet (S.A.W) Sahaba (R.A) and their Followers including all Aimma-e-Araaba and proud to be integral part of Muslim Ummah.The story to betrayal in our earlier Community is not something very new. In united India during previous centuries a noticeable number of families got themselves out of the Shirkiya believes, left the community and established their separate identity.
After establishment of Pakistan, the latest noticeable revolt was initiated in 1960’s in Karachi, where some courageous gentlemen poised with true spirit of Islam, stood together to form a community platform for all those brothers and sisters who want to get rid of shirk and biddaat and encircled themselves in true form of Islam, yet having common language and culture among them. The association remained intact, got strength and attracted so many new families to join. Currently, Idara Dawat-ul-Quran community, consist of 2nd and 3rd generation of those great souls who put foundation stone around 50 years back.
The organization is established in Karachi, Pakistan and wants to enlarge its philosophical affiliation with like-minded brothers and sisters all over the world.